Uniqueness of the Gurukul System

Narendra a normal educated young person, when nurtured by Ramkrishna Paramhans became a global icon of personality to be known as “Swami Vivekanand”. Then why not others become the flag bearers of India. With belief that every student has a potential to be the giver of joy to the world, we work towards building the right environment for students all round development. 

With the practical teachings filled of vedic wisdom from the self realized saint, Pujya Sant Asaramji Bapu, we aim at institutes of learning that allow students to realize knowledge they learn. Because hearing is ‘you have an idea about it’, writing is ‘you know it’, but doing is ‘you understand it’.

Kids learn from what they see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Providing the right things around can change a lot in their life. To stand by this, the environment of Gurukuls is maintained at very high level of ‘Satvikta’. The energy flows from everywhere with tireless students engaged in constructive learning activity.

It is easy to mould a child into what you want him to become, what about molding yourself to provide space for child to grow and shape up himself. The idea is to maintain a balance of creativity and discipline. It is easy to teach a thing correctly but telling them the right way to do what they want to do is more important. Students should be allowed to learn in a manner they want to acquire knowledge about this majestic world of the lord. 

A student learns best in his natural language. Gurukuls impart education in mother tongue and in English. But irrespective of medium, the aim is to promote 100% achievement. From an incident in MahaBharta, of Abhimanyu being killed in the battle field because he knew how to enter the Chakra-Vyuh but was unaware of the way to exit from it, we understand that half knowledge is dangerous. All efforts are made to make students achieve their personal best.

Counseling is an important part of nurturing the childhood. Councilors are appointed in Gurukuls with hostel facility. And periodic group counseling is arranged in other Gurukuls. “Sanskar Sinchan” programs in Gurukuls are distinctive activity that separates them from masses. The students are provided with techniques to improve their mental, physical and emotional strength. They stand a better chance to face any difficulty in life. The stories of brave and courageous personalities inspire them to generate the stamina and power to stand up and stand high for what they believe is right.

By holy blessings of Bapuji, this Gurukul System of Education is sure to provide the nation with many gems who will take Country forward and show the world way to peaceful and happy life.