About Gurudev

“Pujyashree is travelling through the length and breadth of the country and blowing the conch of awakening the youth of India through Vidyarthi Tejaswi Taalim Shibirs, through 19000 Baal Samskar Kendras being run under his auspices, through Yuvadhan Suraksha Abhiyanas (protection of youth, the wealth of the nation) and through the newly formed Yuva Seva Sangh (Youth Service Union). He is a great proponent of teaching self-restraint to the youth. More than 17.2 million copies of ‘Divya Prerana Prakash’, a booklet containing his teachings on self-restraint, have been distributed. 

Fast bowler, Ishant Sharma, who plays an important role in Team India’s victory in cricket matches, says, “Since the time I received guidance and blessing from Pujya Bapuji, doors of success have opened in my life. All young men and women should read Pujya Bapuji’s ‘Divya Prerana Prakash’. ”

Pujyashree’s way of explaining is such succinct, affectionate, marvellous and benevolent that even the dullest student is able to grasp the techniques of success in life. A characteristic feature of Pujya Bapuji is that on one hand he is an experiential teacher of Vedanta and on the other he is capable scholar of child psychology as well. He becomes a child himself while with children and gives them the esoteric Knowledge of the Gita and Vedanta in a very simple and convenient language. read more

Pujya Asharam Ji Bapu

Bapuji's Thoughts on Education

“The education-system today is materialistically oriented. It undermines moral values. People are driven away from spiritual joy, the only joy that is real. Education should enable to overcome sorrows. We have had enough education that provides degrees. To do MBA means to acquire the capability to wheedle and deceive people, to help rich people fleece the public and to waste one’s life for the sake of crumbs thrown by the rich in return for this service. In the process, one moves away from the goal of God-Realization. All absurd things! Education should change the perspective towards life. Education should be accompanied by satsang. Educated people can carry out extensive service. However, in the absence of satsang the same people can become a threat to the whole world. The education-system should be constituted with the idea of public welfare. Your future is determined by the type of desire of the person teaching you, whether he has desires of a lower kind or higher or is he free of desires.”

Message To Parents

Reform the Beginning to Reform the Life: The initial stage of life is very important. Elevation or downfall of life is determined by the samskaras inculcated in the childhood. A person who is compassionate, generous, having endurance, is devoted to his/her duty, amiable, and amasses virtues since childhood or youth  ...
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Message To Students

A boy asked his teacher, “Sir! What should I do to become great?” The teacher said, “Do you really aspire to become great?” “Yes sir!” “Will you do as I tell you to?” “I will.” “How will you do that?” “I will find the way.” The teacher said, “Very well; then you can become great. One who has the inquisitiveness will find the greatest secrets out ...  read more

Message To Society

Education and Spiritual Initiation: Education lends beauty to human life, because society is ever in need of educated people. From this point of view, education is a kind of power. Though everyone naturally likes to have power, its misuse, however, is not salubrious. Therefore, it is extremely essential that education goes hand in hand...
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