Message to Students

I. Be Inquisitive

A boy asked his teacher, “Sir! What should I do to become great?”
The teacher said, “Do you really aspire to become great?”
“Yes sir!”
“Will you do as I tell you to?”
“I will.”
“How will you do that?”
“I will find the way.”
The teacher said, “Very well; then you can become great. One who has the inquisitiveness will find the greatest secrets out of ordinary events and one bereft of that will ignore even visible secrets.”
An inquisitive person has a penetrative vision; he is keen to find. He examines all phenomena minutely; reflects over them. A keen sense of inquiry makes one energetic and diligent in work. Devoid of a sense of inquiry, man is slothful, sloppy and small.
Those who desire the world or inquire into the physical world, they only get things of the world. Inquiring into the phenomenal world men like Einstein became world-famous scientists. The same sense of inquiry was the secret behind the name and fame Newton earned. The lid on a pot of boiling liquid, lifted up by the pressure of steam, makes no difference to an ordinary cook but those with a keen sense of inquiry took a clue from the tendency of the steam to generate pressure and invented the boiler and the steam engine that runs huge locomotives. An apple falling on the earth is nothing noteworthy for a gardener but the inquiring ones espied in it the law of gravitation at work and used it for many a great achievement in the field of science. The spirit of inquiry when applied to the physical world creates marvels in the physical world; in the same way when applied to the yogic world, it works wonders in that world. In the world of devotion too, one with the sense of inquiry gets greatly elevated.
All wonderful achievements whether in the material world, in the field of religion or in that of philosophy have been made through inquiries. Therefore, if you want to elevate your life, be inquisitive; inquire into the Truth. If you lack the sense of inquiry, be alert; meditate and cultivate this sense in you.
There are twenty or thirty or fifty students in a class but four-five of them turn out to be brilliant. The teachers are same, the books are same; but the students, who listen attentively, make inquiries, ask questions and find out answers, make their parents and their schools proud. Those, on the other hand, who make fun during studies, loiter away, return late after the recess; such students get low marks and after getting out of the school pull the cart of life with great difficulty and die unnoticed and unsung. So, be inquisitive. When the teacher is explaining things, listen attentively. If you are not able to understand what is taught, don’t rush to ask questions; try to find out the answers yourself. If you can’t solve a riddle, only then should you ask a fellow student or the teacher.
Ask yourself the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of things and try to understand what is being aid.
Someone comes and says, ‘Bapuji! My intellect is not all that sharp.’
Don’t worry if you are low in intellect. Whatever your deficiencies, the solution to it is hidden in you. Rub the palms of your hands against each other and assert, ‘I have in my hands the power to awaken my sense of inquiry, my memory and my well being. Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om Let my memory and my sense of inquiry be awakened. Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om My memory and my sense of inquiry is being awakened. Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om In this way, remember the Lord and then touch with your palms each one of the spots where you have deficiencies. This will be of immense benefit to you.
If you fall ill, you need a sense of inquiry. If you didn’t sleep in the night before, you should analyse why you didn’t and you need a sense of inquiry. If you are in the habit of getting up late, you need a sense of inquiry to inquire why. If you are not able to remember things, why is it so? If you are weak, why are you weak? In short, you need the help of the god of inquisitiveness every time, everywhere and in every situation. If one is bereft of sense of inquiry, even Lord Brahma instructing him will be of no avail.
Today everywhere people are out to exploit you; they want to suck you dry. When you go to the market, every salesman, every shop owner wants you to buy from him. He will try to give you less quantity and inferior goods and to extract the maximum price. If possible, he will not mind weighing short. While driving, if you are not careful, people will overtake you. 
If you are not inquisitive, quick and alert, you will lag behind in the matter of intellectual prowess, travel, serving others, and also salvation. You should be equipped with a sense of inquiry. Why should you lag behind? Why should you be outperformed? People get beaten because of their inaptness, because of lacking a sense of inquiry, because they loose their temper at things big and small. You must not get agitated; neither should you be a coward, a fool, one devoid of sense of inquiry like a piece of stone. You should be wise, alert, and inquisitive and on top of it if you learn the art of taking a dip in the Divinity within before making all decisions, you shall attain to immense good, to Supreme Beatitude.   

II.  Message on Brahmacharya (Celibacy)

The future of our country depends upon the young generation. However, in the absence of proper guidance, today’s youth are straying away from the right path. They are reeling under the ill effects of western pleasure-oriented culture and consequently losing their youthful vigour. Psychiatrists and sexologists, largely influenced by so-called western psychology, are depraving the young students and ruining their character, self-restraint, and morals through their grossly ill-conceived articles published frequently in newspapers and periodicals.
The present education system –a legacy of the British colonial regime –is completely indifferent towards moral values. Consequently, today’s students start leading an unrestrained and indulgent life, even as bachelors.

There is also a growing tendency among today’s youth to blindly imitate western conduct and manners. Thus they indulge in fashion, impure eating, immoral behaviour, bad company, rudeness, cinema, etc., thereby undergoing a gradual degeneration. They are becoming weak and lustful. Their sorry state indicates their complete ignorance about the glory of brahmacharya.
The number of students, both male and female, who thus ignorantly impair their prime source of physical and mental energy (and end up wasting their precious lives in ignominy and debility), is not in lakhs but in crores. They cannot disclose their miserable condition out of shame and suffer silently. They become weak and live in a pitiable condition. Their lives are completely ruined, while they are also deprived of proper physical and mental growth. Such young people are plagued by anaemia, forgetfulness and general weakness. This is the reason why the number of clinics and hospitals, the use of thousands of different allopathic medicines and injections etc., are on the increase in our country today. Innumerable doctors have set up their own business, and yet the number of diseases and patients are constantly on the rise.
What is the main reason for this phenomenon? It is evil habits and wastage of semen through immoral, unnatural, and unrestrained sex. Loss of semen leads to loss of immunity and depletion of the life energy. If this country is to regain the glory of being Guru of the entire world, if She is to be the polestar of Global civilization and its culture, if She is to reach the summit of the world once again, then her worthy sons must appreciate the importance of brahmacharya, and practise it meticulously, exercising constant vigil and self restraint; for it is by virtue of brahmacharya alone that our young generation can bring about a balanced and superior development of their personality. Observance of brahmacharya sharpens the intellect, promotes immunity against diseases and makes one enthusiastic and confident enough to set up great objectives and achieve them. One develops a firm determination; and one’s will power is strengthened too.

It is brahmacharya again which is at the very root of spiritual progress as well. Our country may make great progress and attain a great deal of prosperity in the industrial, technical and economic fields; but if we are not able to protect and preserve the true wealth of our youth (their youthful vigour), then all material developments will ultimately lead only to destruction; for no social system can run smoothly without self-restraint and purity of conduct. The all round development of India depends entirely on self-restraint and purity of character of her youth.
Therefore, it is our bounden duty to educate the youth about the measures needed to maintain sexual health and live a disease-free long life, and also about the methods needed to checking the evil of lust. This duty, if ignored, will bring misery to our society and the entire nation. Observance of brahmacharya alone can ensure a strong and vibrant India.

III. Life Style

How should the lifestyle of a scholar be? But before that what is the aim of the scholar? No doubt, to attain knowledge as much as possible with as little efforts. Now to fulfill this aim, there are few things that can help us achieve it. A lazy, sloppy child cannot succeed as easily as an active and intelligent child can. Student must utilize all his time and energy judiciously as to be able to produce best results possible. All this actually boils down to physical, mental and emotional well being of the child.
No matter how marvelous and lofty your ideas are, if you are without power, than they are all worthless. You need strength and power to confront the great troubles and impediments that you may come across.
Bapu ji mentions a quote from scriptures about ideal life style of a student

काक चेष्टा बको ध्यानं, श्वान निद्रा तथैव च ।
अल्पहारी गृह त्यागी, विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं ॥
Kaka Cheshta Bako Dyanam, Shwan Nidra, Thathaiva Cha |
Alaphaari Grihi Tyagi, Vidyarthi Panch Lakshanam ||

Meaning a student should be alert like a crow, have concentration like that of a Crane and sleep like that of a dog that wakes up even at slightest of the noise. The student should scantily to suffice his energy needs and neither less not more. Also he should stay away from chores of daily house hold stuff and emotional attachment.
Taking these as guiding rules we have selected some techniques and practices that student can take benefit from. These are tried and tested techniques practiced by students of Gurukuls.

IV. Other Thoughts

169,15: After you wake up in morning, sit in your bed for at least 5 min. absolutely quite and make a firm resolve that your goal is to attain self realization. When your eyes are set on high goal, you will not be frightened, worried or frustrated at small things, small failures and insults. For 5 min visualize the supreme lord or the guru at spot between two eyebrows, and repeat om, peace, om….or do jap of guru mantra. Engross yourself in divine contemplation.

169,19: question: all so often we are told to bring skill into our actions. In the Gita, Lord Sri Krishna has termed skill in action as yoga, But Bapuji, What is meant by ‘skill in action’ and how can it be practiced.
Answer: our actions should be good, sahaj,prompt , spirited and well organized. We shouldn’t feel bored while doing our work. Rather have a sense of fulfillment.no sense of doership should find room in our heart. This verily is meant by ‘skill in action’……..

From RishiPrasad: no matter how great your doctrines may be, no matter how marvelous and lofty your ideas are, if you are without power, then they are all worthless. An idea or doctrine doesn’t necessarily become universally acceptable on strength of its intrinsic worth alone. You need strength and power to establish your ideas and doctrines. Moreover you need strength and power to confront great troubles and impediments that you may come across.

विद्यार्थियों को दें गुरुवार का ज्ञान , सशक्त भारत का करें निर्माण |
प्रभु प्रीति संयम के संस्कार ,सीखें गुरुकुल में ऋषि कुमार
गुरुकृपा में पलने वाले, पढ़ने वाले , संयम सदाचार को निभाने वाले |
जगाकर अपनी आत्मशक्ति को ,बनेंगे भारत की तकदीर बदलने वाले ||